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How can aerosol can enterprises resolve the storm of tinplate price rise?

in the haze of soaring tinplate price and tight supply, aerosol can manufacturers struggled through 2004. How to adapt to and resolve the rising price storm in the new year has become a topic of concern in the industry

we believe that actively advocating and implementing "3r+1" since 2005 will be a positive and effective measure to meet the challenge of rising prices

the first R is "reduce", which is to reduce the tank weight by adopting new technologies, processes and materials on the premise of ensuring quality, so as to reduce costs and resource consumption. Foreign countries have mature experience to learn from

based on the process of two-piece aluminum beverage cans, George diamond of the United States invented light iron aerosol cans, including one-piece cans and two-piece cans. The two-piece tank is composed of a tank top cover and a tank body. The tank body is made of iron by stamping and deep drawing. The maximum tank diameter is 65mm. One piece of tank has no top cover, and can be made into two diameters of 35mm and 47mm. It is said that it can be made now Φ 52mm single piece iron aerosol tank. Because deep drawing makes the metallographic structure more compact, the tank wall, which is much thinner than the three piece aerosol tank, can still withstand the same pressure. Because the tank bottom is omitted and the wall thickness is greatly reduced, the iron consumption of this kind of tank is reduced by 30% ~ 50% compared with the traditional three piece tinplate aerosol tank, and the overall energy consumption is reduced by 30% ~ 40%. It has been successfully used in aerosol products such as spray gel, insect repellent, rust inhibitor and shaving foam

lanico company of Germany changed the assembly of tinplate aerosol cans from necking, flanging and can sealing to pre necking, necking, flanging and can sealing. Only one process is added to reduce the original 0.20mm thick plate to 0.18mm, saving 10% of raw materials, but the pressure resistance of the tank remains unchanged

Swiss styner+beinz cooperated with the University of Zurich. By changing the mold design, mold making process and mold coating, 0.27mm ~ 0.28mmt5/t65 plate was used to replace 0.3mm T4 material to produce the top cover of the aerosol tank, which could save 5% of the raw materials

the second R is "replace". In the face of the shortage of tin resources and the soaring price of tinplate, another way out for the container manufacturing industry is to "substitute", with an annual output of 71million tons of other materials without affecting the original performance of the container; The utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer capacity is about 90% of the national average to replace tin

the blank clad iron developed by Wuxi partner company is an example. Various polymer films are coated on both sides of plain iron to improve the corrosion resistance of iron. Foreign experience has proved that plain iron is more suitable as the base material of coated iron than tinplate. The corrosion resistance of the film coated iron is better than that of the tinplate

the powder electrophoresis technology developed in recent years can also be used to replace tinplate. It is reported that after a thin layer of polymer powder is coated on the surface of the plain iron tank by the powder electrophoresis technology, the conductivity of the plain iron can be reduced to zero, which means that the corrosion resistance is greatly improved

the third R is "recycle", which saves resources through recycling and recycling. According to the European Association of packaging iron manufacturers, the recovery rate of steel packaging in the 15 European Community countries reached 61% in 2003. Belgium has reached 94%. This figure will increase to 70% by 2008. Clearly, recycling helps save valuable resources

an additional R is "recommend". The successful implementation of the first three Rs requires the cooperation of users and the understanding of the society. Therefore, it is necessary to give play to the suggestion and recommendation functions of industry associations. Recommend the "3R" concept to the government, society and users so that they can recognize, accept and support the "3R" measures. Trade associations play a connecting role and communicate with each other. This role is particularly important in the current extraordinary period. For example, many users generally have the wrong idea that "heavy" is more important than "light" pressure resistance, which requires the industry association to stand up. On the one hand, it uses facts to explain the relationship between pressure resistance and "heavy" and "light", on the other hand, it uses "standards" to ensure that "light" tanks still meet the pressure resistance detection methods, including the water leakage test standards, so as to put an end to Jerry building and protect the interests of users and consumers

it is hoped that in the new year, we will take practical actions to implement "3r+1", so that the aerosol tank industry can sweep away the haze and become more vibrant

Italian cevolani company is a three piece can equipment supplier founded in 1900, which provides a full set of aerosol, food and general-purpose three piece can production lines. We started business in China as early as 1978, and later we left for a period of time due to some reasons. Now we hope to return to China and continue to serve our new and old users. We are ready to establish a service department in China to provide better services

the rise in the price of tinplate and other raw materials is not only a problem faced by Chinese can making enterprises, but also a global problem. I think efforts should be made to produce thin-walled cans, such as 0.13MM or even thinner metal cans, which can not only ensure the quality, but also effectively reduce the cost. In addition, it is necessary to optimize the metal can production line, improve production efficiency and effectively manage the whole production process, which is also very important for controlling production costs and improving product quality

at present, the plastic industry is developing very rapidly, and various new materials are emerging in endlessly. Some people can urge the implementation of the project on time and with good quality. It can be considered that this will have a great impact on the metal. However, I think the market will still have its own choices, whether it is plastic containers, glass containers or metal containers, they still have their own places. At present, metal is still an ideal packaging material. It has good airtightness. The digital display model can meet the corresponding requirements. It is hard, elastic, and has good light and gas resistance. This makes the metal container still one of the most effective packaging containers. For meat, vegetables and other products, metal containers are still the first choice. For metal container manufacturers, it is important to strive to improve product quality and develop new products, such as special-shaped cans

there is still a large market for metal containers in the future, such as aerosol cans. As far as I know, the consumption of aerosol cans in China is still at a relatively low level, and there is a lot of room for development. Of course, this is also closely related to the development of aerosol product types and aerosol cans

based on modern digital image and text processing, interconnection, new materials and new devices, contemporary printing technology is constantly changing the connotation of printing technology and expanding the extension of printing technology. How to construct the new theory, new method and new technology of printing technology is the fundamental and key to the development of printing technology

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