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How big is Gou's industrial interconnection ambition

Terry Gou, President of Hon Hai Foxconn Technology Group, will celebrate his 68th birthday on October 8. He has already owned Hon Hai Foxconn, which ranks 24th among the Fortune 500 global enterprises in 2018 (Hon Hai Precision ranked 24th among the Fortune 500 global enterprises). Terry Gou could have enjoyed his old age but chose to start a business again at this age to enter the industrial Internet. In his opinion, what he is opening up will be a trillion level market, which will not only enable Hon Hai Foxconn but also enable thousands of industrial enterprises to transform and regenerate. At present, we are also optimistic about industrial interconnection. Do you know how to protect and maintain the bellows replacement experimental machine? What skills are used? Let's take a look at GE, the pioneer in the big market, who wants to sell its industrial interconnection business due to the financial crisis. Is industrial interconnection a huge foam or a market that is about to see gold in the sand? Can Foxconn's industrial interconnection dream come true

is it a big foam or a big opportunity

not long ago, CCID Consulting released the 2018 study on the evolution and investment value of China's industrial interconnection industry. According to the report, the scale of China's industrial interconnection market in 2017 was 570billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.6%, leading the global industrial interconnection market. It is predicted that by 2020, China's industrial interconnection will account for 22.5% of the overall IOT market, and the market scale may exceed 11.3 trillion yuan in the next 15 years

on the one hand, we can see that countries, major institutions and enterprise giants around the world are optimistic about the global industrial interconnection market, have issued support policies, and various enterprise giants have invested huge amounts of money in the layout. There are many industrial interconnection platforms in China, and the market is showing an abnormal prosperity. On the other hand, we also see that the active promoters of industrial Internet platforms with strong financial and technical strength, such as GE, have fallen on the beach of being the first. What happened to this market

Chen Yongzheng, the chairman of industry Fulian, the first listed company of industrial interconnection, which landed in a shares in June this year. He was the chairman and President of Motorola (China) Electronics Co., Ltd. and the CEO of Microsoft Greater China. He has witnessed the whole process of the development of almost the entire IT industry. Chenyongzheng told China Electronics News that today's industrial Internet is very similar to the development of Internet in those years. When Internet was just emerging 20 years ago, a large number of Internet start-ups and new Internet business models also emerged, and many companies fell down in the process. In recent years, we have seen mature, profitable, influential consumer Internet companies that have profoundly changed social life and triggered industrial changes, Their formation has gone through the baptism, iteration and evolution of the market. Therefore, the development of the market must be groping and advancing. It is a spiral and cannot be achieved overnight

industrial Fulian is not only an intelligent sample manufacturing company, but also a platform company. Foxconn industrial Internet platform classifies the data generated in the manufacturing process through the time dimension and according to its characteristics, and summarizes three physical flows: personnel flow, material flow and process flow, and three virtual flows: capital flow, information flow and technology flow, providing an important key to improving quality and efficiency and optimizing decision-making within the enterprise, Help enterprises transform. In the open industrial interconnection platform of industrial Fulian, we will provide effective information sharing and interconnection, drive the innovation of manufacturing industry model, build an intelligent application system that can face the whole industry value chain, and then realize the intelligent manufacturing ecosystem of real economy + interconnection. Over the past few months, zhenghongmeng, CEO of the industrial rich alliance, has repeatedly stressed in public speeches on different occasions

for this reason, the industrial rich union has set its sights on promoting the cultivation of industrial interconnection ecology, and actively promoted the 2018 industrial interconnection ecology conference and innovation and entrepreneurship developer competition to be held in Beijing. Not long ago, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the notice of the implementation plan for industrial interconnection app cultivation project (year). By 2020, 300000 industrial apps for specific industries and specific scenarios will be cultivated, covering the key needs of key business links in the manufacturing industry, such as R & D and design, production and manufacturing, operation and maintenance and operation management, and even black spots will appear. The industrial rich Union hopes to do more to help the implementation of this goal. Zhenghongmeng said

why foxconn

at present, Foxconn is not the only enterprise that wants to share the huge cake of industrial interconnection, from ICT enterprises to manufacturing enterprises to Internet giants, from large companies to small companies, including Lenovo, Haier, Sany Heavy Industry, Tencent, Alibaba, Dongfang Guoxin, Huawei, etc. everyone hopes to have a share. Can Foxconn seize the opportunity

June 6 this year marks the 30th anniversary of Foxconn's investment in the mainland. Gou invited many leaders in the fields of industrial interconnection, artificial intelligence and large numbers to hold a summit forum on the integrated development of the real economy and the digital economy in Shenzhen. In a sense, this forum is more like a confirmation meeting on industrial interconnection. Gou hopes to find a practical way to promote the implementation of industrial interconnection through multi-dimensional collision, so as to predict the opening market

Gou listened carefully to almost every forum. At the last moment, the guest's point of view verified his idea. In this era of real economy + Internet, the real difficulty lies in the digital description and digital connection of the real economy. This is not what Internet and ICT enterprises can have in a short time, which gives the industrial rich alliance the strength to become a leader

Gou has set a requirement for Foxconn, that is, to be a cloud mobile intelligence + robot. Cloud is cloud computing, moving is mobile, things are IOT, big is big data, intelligence is artificial intelligence, industrial interconnection, and robots. From the core layer to IAAs, PAAS and SaaS, Foxconn industrial interconnection will be the whole ecosystem of physical manufacturing + digital manufacturing. The core layer is also the most difficult part, including core layer computing, industrial customs, machine control and factory equipment. In this dimension of information mining and intelligent perception, Foxconn has 44 years of experience in physical manufacturing. It is precisely because of the accumulation of key, effective, micro, nano and massive manufacturing data, as well as the ability of artificial intelligence and cloud computing that Foxconn has a unique advantage that is difficult to replicate

Gou said on many occasions that he hoped that Foxconn would take the opportunity of horizontal market expansion, build the world's largest industrial interconnection with the help of 2B business, and stand at the top of the industrial chain. Foxconn has reason to become a leader and enabler on the new track of industrial interconnection

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