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How big is the imagination space of IOT market

Editor's note: 40 years ago, when computers in four universities in the southwestern United States were connected, humans did not expect that the Internet would have such a profound impact on life and work. Nowadays, the concept of IOT has sprung up. Who can predict how much impact it will have? It is the Internet of things that brings us a huge space for imagination

the development trend of IOT

as early as 1995, Bill Gates mentioned the concept of IOT in his book the road to the future, but it did not receive much sustained attention. It was not until november2005 that the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) released the ITU interconnection Report 2005: IOT report that this concept was introduced to the world. In 2009, IOT was really put in the development strategic planning of various countries. Whether it was Obama's positive response to the "smart earth" or Wen Jiabao's visit to the IOT technology research and development center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Wuxi, which pointed out that the need to break through the core technology as soon as possible showed that IOT has attracted the attention of leaders of major countries in the world. At the same time, as the third wave of the world's information industry after computers and Internet, it is worth looking forward to the future development of IOT entering an accelerated stage

simply speaking, IOT is a concept corresponding to interconnection. Interconnection is to connect computers in every corner of the world through network information, so as to realize communication and information sharing among each other. It is just a virtual world, which can only passively know or see some information, and can not change the objects in the real world. However, IOT can break through this bottleneck. It can realize the remote control and automatic information exchange of real objects or mechanical equipment around the world through the existing network. For example, when people enter a car, they just need to enter the destination, and then they can find the best route to use that can increase the proportion of nickel and reduce cobalt through the wireless network or satellite system, and realize driverless driving through the central traffic dispatching platform, which can not only avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents, but also make full use of the precious time in the journey. Therefore, the launch of IOT will improve the safety and effectiveness of existing mechanical equipment, and then improve people's work efficiency and quality of life

to realize the automatic communication and exchange between objects and computers in the IOT concept, the key is RFID technology, that is, RF automatic identification technology. RFID tags store identification information and signal receivers, which are automatically sent to the central information system through the wireless data communication network, and then realize the exchange and sharing of information and the unified management of equipment through the computer network. This can not only optimize the allocation of resources, but also greatly improve the automation of equipment. For example, when going out, the briefcase will timely remind the owner of what he has forgotten; Clothes will tell the washing machine the appropriate washing intensity and water temperature, etc. In the era of IOT, RFID can be called a technology that allows objects to speak by themselves. Therefore, it will become one of the core technical difficulties to be overcome in the future development of IOT

several development stages of IOT generally speaking, a thing will go through four stages from its birth to being known by the world: the first is the fantasy stage. This period is the initial stage of the development of things. People must first imagine and fantasize, and then they can work towards this aspect. The second stage is the stage of technology research and development. At present, countries all over the world are in this stage. The United States and the European Union are investing huge amounts of money in in-depth research and exploration of the IOT. China's Ministry of industry and information technology, together with relevant departments, is also carrying out research on the new generation of information technology to form policies and measures to support the development of the new generation of information technology. The third is the experimental stage. At that time, a small-scale trial and test will be carried out, which is the first step from theory to practice. Due to the comparison and analysis of a large number of data, numerous iterations will cost a lot of time and energy. The fourth is the comprehensive promotion stage. This is also the period of maximum investment. Only when the application of RFID technology has a certain scale can IOT give full play to its role. Therefore, the construction of a large number of infrastructure and the comprehensive promotion of terminal products will certainly promote the production scale of many related enterprises. At that time, IOT will also become a new growth point of the world economy

the industrial chain of IOT has broad prospects

the industrial chain of IOT can be divided into four links: identification, perception, processing and information transmission. The key technologies of each link are RFID, sensors, smart chips and wireless transmission networks of telecom operators. According to preliminary estimates of insiders, China's IOT industrial chain will create an output value of about 100billion yuan this year. The analysis organization predicts that the future development of IOT will go through four stages. Before 2010, RFID will be widely used in logistics, retail and pharmaceutical fields. In, objects will be interconnected, semi intelligent, and fully intelligent after 2020

from the current domestic development level, there are still bottlenecks in the development of IOT: first, core areas such as RFID high-end chips cannot be industrialized, and domestic RFID is mainly low-frequency; Second, the industrialization level of domestic sensors is low, and foreign manufacturers of high-end products monopolize; Third, the amount of data calculation to realize the interconnection of things is huge, which needs the revolution of algorithm. IOT is widely used in intelligent transportation, environmental protection, government work, public safety, safe home, intelligent fire protection, industrial monitoring, elderly care, personal health and other fields. Experts predict that this technology will develop into a trillion yuan high-tech market. It is reported that China has planned to spend 3.86 trillion yuan on IOT R & D before 2020

the concept of IOT turned to the real industry

on September 15, new world, Xiamen Xinda, Zhongchuang xince, Yuanwang Valley, Dongxin Heping, Datang Telecom, as well as Fang electronics, a material component with damping performance, and other individual stocks collectively rose the limit, announcing that the concept of IOT officially landed in China's capital market, and caused the crazy pursuit of funds. This may be related to the high-profile speech made by wangjianyu, President of China Mobile, at the high level Forum on the development of China's communications industry on September 14, "the business opportunities of IOT are unlimited, and China Mobile cooperates wholeheartedly with all parties with an open attitude". This indicates that the concept of IOT has taken the first step from conception to real industry. The development and construction of IOT will undoubtedly bring huge business opportunities to relevant enterprises. At the same time, this trillion level cake will also bring huge profits to enterprises in the future. Of course, it is only the beginning at present. If enterprises want to take a share, they must invest a lot of scientific research manpower and material resources

to sum up, IOT will greatly improve the operation efficiency of existing equipment in the future, and will also have an unpredictable and important impact on people's work and life. However, at present, IOT has not yet brought rich profit returns to the enterprise. On the contrary, it still needs a certain amount of R & D investment

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