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Under the financial tsunami, the growing small and medium-sized enterprises are undoubtedly more impacted. Yesterday, the Department of industry and Commerce released a sample survey report on 300 small and medium-sized enterprises in our city in terms of innovation ability, environmental protection, scientific and technological development, human resources, etc. The survey shows that most of the small and medium-sized enterprises under the crisis are in a strict living condition. "Their size is stable and steep.

the adverse market highlights the weakness.

" small and medium-sized enterprises have played an unprecedented role in creating the value of final products and services, the total value of imports and exports, paying taxes, providing urban and rural employment opportunities. " According to an industrial and commercial staff member who participated in the survey, it is undeniable, however, that due to the impact of the financial crisis, many small and medium-sized enterprises have been in trouble due to the low-end economic entities and high degree of export dependence, and some inherent advantages have been transformed into disadvantages in a short time

low investment in scientific research and poor innovation ability are common phenomena in small and medium-sized enterprises. The survey shows that 51% of the enterprises have no special R & D department, 41.4% of the enterprises have never cooperated with universities or scientific research institutions, and nearly half of the enterprises' production equipment is still at the technical level before the 1980s. The low level of technical equipment, low utilization rate and long renewal cycle have directly led to poor product quality and low added value of small and medium-sized enterprises, seriously weakening the competitiveness of enterprises

at present, most small and medium-sized enterprises still implement the traditional linear organizational structure. In the international certification survey of quality management, environmental management and occupational health and safety management, 51% of enterprises have not passed one of them, only 23% of enterprises have established a relatively complete information management system, and 35.6% of enterprises have never been involved in network management

while improving the quality level of household appliances,

is reflected in the awareness of environmental protection. Many small and medium-sized enterprises only focus on the strategy of seeking scale expansion, profit growth and risk diversification, and less have the awareness of environmental protection on enterprise growth. In the survey of "current problems faced by small and medium-sized enterprises in environmental protection and energy conservation", only 18% of enterprises think that it will seriously affect future development, and 80% of enterprises think that environmental protection and energy conservation have little to do with enterprises

human resources are essential elements for the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. Among the enterprises surveyed, 45% of the managers have education below high school, and only 15% have college education or above; Whether ordinary employees or managers, junior high school and below still account for a large proportion. ② also, pay attention to the majority of the set magnification when the counter is initially set. In terms of future development goals, 52.2% of enterprises are not clear about the future development direction, and a few enterprises lack confidence in overcoming the financial crisis

how to solve the problem

"small and medium-sized enterprises are small-scale enterprises in the growth stage and entrepreneurial stage. They are vulnerable groups in the market competition in terms of the possession and use of human, material and financial resources. It is more important to cultivate and enhance their core competitiveness." Dushoujia, deputy investigator of the municipal SASAC and financial economist, believes that to become bigger and stronger, small and medium-sized enterprises should not only improve their own operation and management capabilities, but also create a good external development environment for them

"under the financial crisis, the advantages of small and medium-sized enterprises are weakening." Dushoujia said that China's high-speed rail industry should be further developed with greater efforts. The financial crisis has exposed the problems of small and medium-sized enterprises. In terms of technology and management, small and medium-sized enterprises should constantly absorb advanced technology and experience, truly establish a modern enterprise system, dare to undertake the society, and strive to build an environment-friendly and energy-saving enterprise. At the same time, we should take talents as the driving force to carry out technological innovation and establish an incentive mechanism for technological innovation within enterprises

in terms of external environment construction, relevant departments should also provide assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises in terms of financing environment and service environment. "The difficulty of financing has always been one of the main obstacles to the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. It is urgent to optimize the financing environment for small and medium-sized enterprises." People concerned believe that we should try to establish a variety of ways, ways and types of financial channels to provide financial support for small and medium-sized enterprises, so as to solve the problem of small and medium-sized enterprises' borrowing

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