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After signing the decoration contract, many owners found that the quotation of the decoration contract was far from the actual settlement, and some home decoration projects even appeared a strange phenomenon that was several times higher than the quotation. When visiting some home decoration companies recently, the reporter also found various quotation methods, including piece counting algorithm and classification algorithm by type of work. The reporter learned that most owners think that choosing home decoration depends on whether its quotation is affordable, and the requirements are very clear, but owners who want to consume it clearly don't know that in the real settlement, home decoration companies can magically increase many expenses from the original quotation. In the interview, some people in the home decoration industry also disclosed that there are many common problems in the current home decoration budget

1. The overall packaging of decoration quotation

home decoration is a cumbersome project. The main materials include 8 categories, including floors, wall and floor tiles, latex paint, ceilings, cabinets, etc., and the auxiliary materials include more than 10 types, such as putty powder, waterproof paint, woodworking board, etc., plus labor costs, including masonry, hydropower, etc., which are complex and diverse. The home decoration company will mix all home decoration projects, including main materials, auxiliary materials and labor costs, and say a total price, which will be packaged in front of the owner. Doing so would have saved the owners' worry and trouble. However, due to its hybrid style and the advantages of large quantity and low price of decoration materials, the owners simply have no way to refer to the quotation of the home decoration company with reference to the market guide price

Sun Jianshe, Secretary General of the municipal decoration industry association, pointed out that some smaller home decoration companies are more difficult to receive orders under the current situation. They often seize one and don't let go. They use consumers' ignorance of material cost prices, hide the direct costs of material manufacturing materials, processes and so on, and offer inferior prices to owners. As for the wooden door, two solid wood plates are put together, which is called solid wood door; The door with solid wood veneer and fiberboard in the middle is also called solid wood door according to the latest national standard, but the price is far from the former. The former generally costs more than 1500 yuan, while the latter only costs 800 to 1200 yuan

2. The quantity algorithm is not standardized

in home decoration, the quantity of work will directly affect the overall price of home decoration project, and most owners just don't understand this link, such as the calculation of wall area, floor area, number of wall and floor tiles, cabinet volume, etc. Therefore, some decoration companies deliberately overstate the construction area in the budget to earn more money. For example, the partition between different doors of the bedroom wardrobe shall be calculated twice; Another example is the consumption of large-area TV wallpaper, which is less than the wall area of one side, and is calculated according to the full area of the wall; Half wall tiles are pasted in the kitchen and bathroom, but 100% of the area is included in the quantities

in this regard, the municipal decoration industry management Department reminded the owners that this kind of situation is the most common non-standard operation, and the owners often make a muddle headed compromise to the home decoration company without knowing it. It is not difficult to put an end to this kind of situation. Before home decoration, draw lines on the ground and wall surface to be constructed, measure the size, and check the wall surface and floor area specified in the delivery contract. Generally speaking, the floor area is equal to the use area, the use area is equal to the building area of the house multiplied by 85%, and the wall area is equal to the ground area multiplied by 3

3. Experts point out that at the end of the decoration budget of home decoration companies, there are more or less some mechanical wear and tear costs, on-site management fees, taxes and fees, and some will mark the cost, profit and other items to the owners to make explicit consumption. However, it should be noted that this kind of so-called express, in addition to material costs and profits, the previous items are unreasonable charges, but because there are no national and industrial standards to enforce restrictions on them, some home decoration companies are reckless. Take mechanical wear and tear costs as an example. As long as home decoration is carried out, some tools, such as painting handles and drilling rigs, will wear and tear, which is an inevitable situation, and such costs have been included in the previous budget; There is also the site management fee, which, like the former, has been included in the budget and should not be approved separately. Insiders reminded that consumers must pay attention to the final cost items when reviewing the budget of home decoration companies, in addition to looking for regular brand home decoration companies

4. Missing items such as main materials and auxiliary materials

in home decoration materials, they generally include main materials and auxiliary materials, which belong to mandatory items. The price of main materials is also relatively high in the overall material cost, most of which are surface decoration materials, such as floors, wooden doors, wall and floor tiles, latex paint, paint, ceiling surface, sanitary ware, kitchenware, sockets, plastic steel doors and windows, etc., with more than ten items from front to back. But many consumers know little about other projects except the commonly used latex paint, floor, sanitary ware and socket

a person from a decoration Engineering Department said that in order to attract consumers, some dishonest decoration companies deliberately took the practice of not saying anything first and then adding to some mandatory projects in the quotation, so as to retain consumers with the early low quotation, and then put forward one by one to the owner after the construction team entered the site and started construction, making it difficult for the owner to ride the tiger. If the owners want to put an end to this kind of situation, they must know about the decoration projects one by one before decoration. If they are not worried in detail, they can also go to some regular home decoration companies for free consultation to know well





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