Personalized wooden house returns to nature

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Everyone has his own living dream. For the owner of the house, treyna · For Lange, the pine House complex is very serious. Most of the pictures she edited from the magazine are related to the country style pine house. So when a house of this style was sold in the nearby St. Louis District, she immediately bought it and moved with her two children from the old house just two blocks away

treyna said that the wooden house has its own unique personality. The feeling of the wooden house is not only with the warmth of home, but also with the breath of returning to nature. Wood is rich in plant essence, and the negative oxygen ions produced can contain and kill bacteria in the air. Because the thermal insulation value of wood is three times higher than that of solid brick wall housing, it is warm in winter and cool in summer. The indoor temperature is 5~10 ℃ higher or lower than the outdoor temperature respectively, which makes people live comfortably inside. The house is environmentally friendly and practical, which is the choice of many North American families




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