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Near the end of the year, the home decoration site is approaching the "closing period". Many consumers said that they are ready to move into the new house that is about to be completed during the Spring Festival, and they are happy and happy, while some owners are more worried that in order to catch up with the construction period at the end of the year, some decoration companies frequently change workers, affecting the overall quality of construction. To this end, I interviewed people in the home decoration industry to give advice to owners on how to hold the overall quality of home decoration before the new year

strict procedures refuse to compress the construction period

because some consumers want to stay in their new houses during the Spring Festival, they often urge decoration companies to speed up the progress of the project, but ignore that the construction of home decoration projects must be carried out in strict accordance with the process requirements of the project. Industry insiders pointed out that, especially around the Spring Festival, when winter and spring pass, the climate is cold, and the construction period should not be compressed too tightly. In addition, due to the return home in time for the Spring Festival, the hearts of the construction workers are inevitably impetuous. If the workers engaged in a professional type of work go home in advance, and other construction personnel simply "several people work and one person undertakes" in order not to delay the construction period, the project quality will be difficult to guarantee. There may be no problem in the early stage of decoration, but over time, it will inevitably expose problems such as poor technology and rough workmanship. Experts pointed out that when many projects blindly rush to the construction period, there have been problems that affect the quality of future projects. Even if there is a warranty period, it may not be able to be solved

clear the contract and settle the project funds on schedule

in addition to the problem of material supply, there is also a problem that consumers are easy to ignore, the payment of project funds. Many consumers who are decorating don't care about the due payment of the project funds agreed in the contract, and think it's nothing to pay a few days later. However, the cross year project is more sensitive during the Spring Festival, and workers need to settle the project in time at this stage. If consumers delay paying the project payment, the feeling to each other may become "default"

therefore, in this sensitive period before the Spring Festival, we must settle and pay the phased project funds in accordance with the provisions of the contract, and leave a clear acceptance sheet. If there are quality problems in the concealed works, we must go through the relevant written procedures with the decoration company and affix the official seal of the other party

cross year project protection construction site

insiders pointed out that the cross year decoration that cannot be completed before the year, due to long-term shutdown, no maintenance on the site, and the dry winter climate, the wall, ceiling and wood products constructed before the year may crack and deform due to the evaporation of water. In order to make the decoration perfect, it is recommended that the owner carefully check the wall, ceiling and woodwork projects constructed before the year, record the problems seen, and timely report the situation to the decoration company, so that they can timely repair the engineering problems free of charge. When all personnel leave the construction site, close the main valve of water, electricity and gas, and remove all flammable and explosive materials such as paint to prevent accidents

it is understood that many owners are now willing to take advantage of the pre holiday decoration companies' preferential offers to confirm the signing, payment and ordering of main materials, and then use the Spring Festival period to improve the decoration planning. The ample decoration time will make the owners feel that the decoration task is urgent. In this regard, industry insiders suggest that owners who have started decoration generally do the woodworking part first, complete the woodworking project before the festival, and place it for about 20 days, which will also help to expose hidden problems, such as the expansion and deformation of materials. Painting after the holiday will reduce the possibility of deformation




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