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"Great efforts have been made to calculate carefully. How can the final decoration still exceed the budget by more than 10000?" Miss Liu, who has just finished decorating her new house, is puzzled

"great efforts have been made to calculate carefully. How can the final decoration still exceed the budget by more than 10000?" Miss Liu, who has just finished decorating her new house, is puzzled

in the interview, there are not a few consumers who have the same feelings as Miss Liu. In response to budget overruns, insiders said that it is common for decoration costs to exceed the budget. The main reasons for this situation are incomplete design schemes, missing decoration items and so on. If you want to minimize overspending on decoration, you should do a good job in financial management

reasons: "loopholes" are everywhere

decoration designers believe that decoration belongs to consumption in advance, and owners consume in a virtual state, in which there will be many unexpected situations for consumers, so it is difficult for people who are not familiar with decoration to fully control costs

huge consumption of auxiliary materials

it is understood that the quotation of decoration companies generally includes main materials such as wall paint, ceramic tiles, floors and auxiliary materials such as wires. Inexperienced consumers pay attention to thousands of main materials, and believe that if these large expenses are controlled, even if more auxiliary materials are spent, it will not cost much money. But in fact, consumers are often surprised by the huge consumption of auxiliary materials only after the final settlement

for example, consumers believe that imported hardware with better quality should be selected for damping pumps, hinges, rails, locks and other hardware. Even if it is more expensive, how many can be used in a family? However, the price of imported hardware is often more than three times that of domestic hardware, and the quantity used in visible and invisible places is quite large, and the total price is not a small number

in addition, in some concealed projects, consumers blindly pursue the best quality products. In fact, as long as they can meet the quality standards, there is no need to choose too expensive materials to cause waste

the scheme is not scientific

the decoration scheme is not scientific enough, which is also a major reason for the decoration budget overrun

for example, kitchen and bathroom are highly functional spaces, but many consumers like to decorate kitchen and bathroom luxuriously, which is contrary to the functionality of their space. In fact, in addition to brands, kitchen cabinets can also be made by workers by buying their own materials. The price of semi-finished products will be much lower, and there is more room for independent selection, which can also be beautiful and practical. As the most public place in the living room, it is right to spend some time, but this does not mean that you need to spend more money. You can also show chic and generous through design

detailed explanation of the reasons for overspending

first of all, we don't know much about the price of materials. Most people decorate for the first time. The price of a door, a faucet, a square meter of floor, a toilet and even a shelf for the bathroom is almost beyond the expected range. A simple shelf with good quality costs hundreds of yuan, which is beyond the imagination of most owners

the reason for exceeding the budget is that some unexpected expenses will be incurred in the decoration process. For example, some flooring brands need to add additional deduction of auxiliary materials and installation fees when installing; When installing the water heater, most of the pipe fittings are charged separately... These are also a lot of expenses

the design scheme of home decoration changes constantly during the decoration process, which is another reason why home decoration exceeds the budget. After entering the decoration state, many TX items continue to increase due to high expectations; After visiting the neighbor's house, I immediately asked for a change in the plan after I came back, so the budget exceeded again and again

exceeding the budget of home decoration does not rule out the situation that decoration companies deliberately set up "price traps" when quoting. For example, itemized quotation, intentional omission, intentional misstatement, double counting, non marking of details, general quotation, etc. are all the direct reasons for budget overruns

how to avoid budget overspending

to avoid overspending is mainly to learn in advance. Knowledge such as where there are traps and where things are good and cheap are all good ways to reduce budget overspending. In addition, we should reserve the budget funds according to our own economic conditions, just in case. It should be reminded that the quality of decoration and environmental protection indicators should be guaranteed

the purchase time of independent furniture and household appliances can be later. The reason for making a budget before construction is mainly to ensure sufficient purchase funds in the later stage, so as to prevent spending from "loosening before spending and tightening after spending". In the later stage, only quality can be reduced to reduce spending, causing regret

ask professionals to assist in reviewing the budget table of the decoration company and sign a written contract with the decoration company to "ensure the full realization of the budget effect without increasing the budget"

remedial measures after overspending

no.1 reduce projects. Remove some unnecessary decoration projects to ensure that the limited funds are used on the "blade"

no.2 step by step decoration. According to the priorities, we should first do what is urgently needed, and then make up for the rest when the funds are sufficient

no.3 reduce the grade. The grade of some basic materials can be reduced slightly, so that the effect will not be affected if they are covered with good finishing materials. Of course, although the grade of the substrate need not be too high, it must meet the quality requirements




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