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The kitchen is the home space we have to enter every day. There are no special restrictions on the choice of kitchen countertops. Just choose the right one according to your cooking habits. Italian modern cabinet solid wood cabinet torchetti cabinet brings you different effects

they pay attention to customer satisfaction to the greatest extent in the selection of kitchen materials. The goal of progress is to explore excellent products, improve yourself every day and pay attention to every detail. "Their goal is to provide products that respect nature."

quality and environment

at present, torchetti has proved to consumers that it can realize the ecological production of products after wood consumption through quality productive tests with certification for the environment. Ecological panel is a recycled wood panel used to produce furniture. It is the only one in the world that can be reused through wood. It passes a productive test that respects nature, because it will not damage trees

certification uni EN ISO 9001

the company studies the manufacturing and development of products. Until then, the study will ensure that all procedures comply with the highest level of uni EN ISO specifications

"torchetti Cucine" has been certified by uni EN ISO 9001. This recognition company strictly abides by the specified specifications, reports all internal activities of standards and procedures, and absolutely ensures that each business parameter is continuously verified, so that the quality of terminal products and services is better than expected

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